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    Bug Fixes

    [Owner] Teckky a posted Fri at 3:44


    Site updates

    + Reviewed submitted applications!
    + Fixed Server status module
    + Reviewed all forum posts

    In-game updates

    + Fixed world glitches
    + Fixed mine holes
    + Security fixes

    Please report any bugs in this subforum!

    Yep, thats right! You should now be able to join. Unfortunately any progress you made within the last 48 hours on Voltcom has not been saved.

    But to kickoff this shit a 20% sale on your entire cart using the Promocode: hype

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    [Owner] Teckky a posted May 12, 15

    Hello Voltcom Members!

    Recently my business partner and I purchased the Voltcom Network from Reltzer. Before you freak out I am here to assure you that no major changes will be made at the moment. There are a few topics I would love cover so please stick with me.

    Staff Members cool

    For a while your ranks will remain the same. During this period, your performance is crucial to maintaining said rank. As a staff member you are expected to keep the rules enforce in a respectable manner (but don't forget to be laxed and fun at times). If you are unclear of the rules or would just like to refresh on them:

    [1] Hacking will not be permitted

    [2] Spamming will not be permitted

    [3] Advertising other servers will not be permitted

    [4] Excessive caps will not be permitted

    [5] Abusing bugs & glitches will not be permitted (Alert a Staff member for a reward)

    [6] Player harassment (including Staff) will not be permitted)

    [7] General well-behavior

    [8] Act upon common sense

    Thank you again to the Staff members for helping nurture and support this growing community!

    Server Updates tongue-out

    We are transferring the server files over to our dedicated server which will hopefully mean less lag. Now lets talk about some of the changes we are hoping to make. We are hopefully going to be implementing some more popular games such as Factions, Skywars & Creative if possible. Prison its self will hopefully be receiving more custom items to spice it up a bit but at the moment that is unclear. We are not interested in completely changing Prison as we feel it is pretty great as it is.

    Rank Sales surprised

    We are soon going to be launching some discount codes on some of the products in the store so look out for that. Hopefully more gear, items and ranks will be added to the store and maybe even some private mines? :3

    ItsNova Also I Have Seen Hackers Using NUKER,SPEEDNUKER,NUKERLEGIT I Researched It On The Internet And See All The Nuker Hacks S ...
    ItsNova Hi Teckky I Apply I Hope That You Will Like It Have A Good Day!!! Skype: pjishere2017
    ItzNilsen Teckky can you PM me your skype? I have a suggestion


    Reltzer posted Apr 16, 15

    Hello, Minecrafters!

    In a few days a new update for Voltcom Prison will occur: "Voltlcom 2.0". This updated is going to be absolutely amazing filled with tons of features and things you really wanted added. The ETA is this Satarday. Let me tell you briefly what's going to be happening to the server and what updates are going to be taking place.

    a) We got a brand new Spawn, Mines, and a PvP Arena!

    b) We added Gangs! We all know how much you love to PvP, so you can now do it with your friends as a team! Here are some commands you might want to know:

    /gang create [Name] - Creates the gang.

    /gang invite [name] - Invites a player to the gang.

    /gang kick {name} - Kicks a player from the gang.

    /gang disband - Disbands the gang.

    There are way more commands but these are the basic ones. I'll let you discover the other ones for your self.

    c) The Prison became a LOT more OP!

    d) Prestiges are added. (Prestige 1-10)

    e) Less laggy.

    f) More Crates for you to open.

    Now, let me update you with the list of staff we got here (it changed):

    Owner: Reltzer (me)

    Admin: Democracy

    SrMod: xWomboxCombo

    Mod: Swimming_Steve

    Helper: ChrisTheDragon, ViciousIceCream

    Now, be #HYPE'd for that remake. Me and the whole community hopy you'll enjoy this massive revamp.

    OMGenius Hail naw. Reitred is also a staff rank! D:


    Reltzer posted Mar 8, 15

    There is a 25% OFF Sale going on due to 8th of MARCH! It's the "woman's" day!

    *Note: The Sale ends 10th March, so get your rank/perks asap!

    We as well added PlotMines to buycraft!

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