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    Hello, Minecrafters!

    In a few days a new update for Voltcom Prison will occur: "Voltlcom 2.0". This updated is going to be absolutely amazing filled with tons of features and things you really wanted added. The ETA is this Satarday. Let me tell you briefly what's going to be happening to the server and what updates are going to be taking place.

    a) We got a brand new Spawn, Mines, and a PvP Arena!

    b) We added Gangs! We all know how much you love to PvP, so you can now do it with your friends as a team! Here are some commands you might want to know:

    /gang create [Name] - Creates the gang.

    /gang invite [name] - Invites a player to the gang.

    /gang kick {name} - Kicks a player from the gang.

    /gang disband - Disbands the gang.

    There are way more commands but these are the basic ones. I'll let you discover the other ones for your self.

    c) The Prison became a LOT more OP!

    d) Prestiges are added. (Prestige 1-10)

    e) Less laggy.

    f) More Crates for you to open.

    Now, let me update you with the list of staff we got here (it changed):

    Owner: Reltzer (me)

    Admin: Democracy

    SrMod: xWomboxCombo

    Mod: Swimming_Steve

    Helper: ChrisTheDragon, ViciousIceCream

    Now, be #HYPE'd for that remake. Me and the whole community hopy you'll enjoy this massive revamp.

    OMGenius Hail naw. Reitred is also a staff rank! D:


    [Owner] Reltzer a posted Mar 8, 15

    There is a 25% OFF Sale going on due to 8th of MARCH! It's the "woman's" day!

    *Note: The Sale ends 10th March, so get your rank/perks asap!

    We as well added PlotMines to buycraft!


    [Owner] Reltzer a posted Feb 18, 15


    The long-awaited Voltcom Prison is opened and running! The Current IP is: play.voltcom.org

    Our Prison was/is getting a really big playerbase from the start! (15+ players)! I really love this and I put a 50% OFF SALE that you guys can use! You can either type /buy ingame or Click "Donation Store" at the top of the website.

    Have a good day!

    - Reltzer

    sharonisgamer Looks great guys!
    [Staff] knightslayer321 wow, nice man! gratz



    I am going to talk today about what was happening during the downtime. We’ve improved the Prison a ton, and here is how:

    • You can now do /autosell (Automatically sell items, only available in a mine)
    • We’ve reset plotworld so it could be compatible with name changing.
    • 1.8 Blocks are no longer rare.
    • We added a cool mine system. We can say it has improved a ton :)
    • Buffed kits (made them more OP!)
    • Changed Prices on our Donor ranks.
    • You can now buy more items at /warp shop
    • You can sell a whole inventory of items on the go! (Special Sell Signs!)
    • More stabilized rankup system.
    • And a whole lot more!

    So that’s all I wanted to talk about.

    P.S. The release date is going to be “soon”. :)

    ~ Reltzer, Voltcom Network Owner

    GenieKay This should be fun! GLAD to be apart of this OP Prison Server! thanks for creating it great job guys!
    [Staff] Trxy I was glad to help with some of the changes, I am looking forward to the other changes that was done and experience a ne ...
    [Staff] knightslayer321 give us a hint ...
    Hello, a few of you were wondering where did Voltcom go!? It went down for maintenance. It's been 2-3 weeks since it went down, but it's coming back up very shortly. We got a new sell system in place, cool new plugins and features. We as you might've noticed, got a new website which looks sick! Thanks to @BenjDesigns for that!

    Although there were some bad news. Our Head Admin, @Ivy_The_Bee, stepped away from his position. He will be missed, but I personally thank him for all the work he'd done to the server. The position will be taken by @SystemBooter, who'll be looking at the community discussions.

    Our current staff is as follows:
    OWNER(S): Reltzer
    HEAD ADMIN(S): SystemBooter
    MOD(S): Meqk
    HELPER(S): knightslayer

    - Reltzer, Voltcom Network Owner
    [Staff] Trxy Ivy ima miss you bro :'( Glad to hear the server is up and running soon, pm if anything needs help.
    OMGenius Eh, I will still be peeking here and there...
    Alllex Great to hear my favorite server will be back . Ivy_The_Bee i cri everitim ...
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